OFFTIME – the Weapon against a hyperconnected World

July 25, 2013 
Quickly! Last day to get involved in a great Berlin startup called OFFTIME. The crowdfunding campaign at startnext already brought 14.500 € fresh capital. Enough to deliver a solid OFFTIME-app with basic functions.  But a few Euros more would speed up the development of apps for broader range of devices. So more people would have the possibility to calm down once or twice a day and spend some time with themselves or their beloved ones. Buddha said: „If you want to be good – you need time.“ Well, 84 % of us never get their quality-time because they are permanently available and distractable via phone calls, SMS, chats, and all different social media channels. This will change from today. 

We want to change all that and provide you with a tool that helps you have more time off from our digitally connected daily routine. You decide both what is important and when you want to take time for important things. In the meantime, OFFTIME looks after your social contacts and only filters through what is really supposed to come through. Everybody else receives a note saying when they can reach you again.“ 

There is already a OFFTIME app for Android but not yet on GooglePlay. By supporting OFFTIME (starting from 5 €) you will be the first to get exclusive acces.

What OFFTIME does for you:

It blocks calls, text messages and apps (like Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp and more).
It can answer calls and text messages.
It can do exceptions and allows really important people to reach you.
It can learn different states like „working“, „meeting“ and more.
It can automatically pick up the right state through your calendar.
It always gives you a good overview what you missed during your time off.
And you learn more about yourself by studying your „habit lab“.












For questions you´ll find the team in Berlins Betahaus. Or contact Aimée, Andreas, Matthias, Mark, Alex, Micha via OFFTIMES website or their channels: Facebook, Twitter, g+ even if they are offtime.


 by Jens Haberland


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