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We believe in living with art. The art on our walls sparks a conversation, brings us joy, makes us think and brings us closer together as people. But where do you find an artist who creates a unique portrait or an artwork that exactly suits your style, home décor and budget? No matter how special or unique your needs are, Cipasso lets you partner with an artist who turns your idea into a piece of art for your wall.

The desire for personalized products and services has never been greater; think, Fab’s designed-by-you furniture venture and Nike custom footwear. This particularly applies to high-involvement products like art. Consumers often spend months to find a piece of art that matches their style and requirements. Galleries offer limited choice and are expensive. Commissioning artists requires access to a network of artists and expertise. People often settle for ready-made art from IKEA or an (online) retailer. On the other hand, 90% of artists earn less than €15.000 per year from their creative work and are eager to create more business.

Cipasso-Pitch at FridayAtSix Talkshow

Cipasso solves these issues. We are an online marketplace that allows anyone to partner with artists and order fully customized art directly from the artist’s studio. We connect buyers with artists via a unique wizard and communication process. All people have to do is tell us what they like and how much they want to pay. It makes buying custom art as simple as booking a flight. Artists will no longer have to guess what sells and get access a completely new revenue stream.

We will make money by taking a 25% commission at an average order value of €400. We are constantly looking for new talent, great artists and good feedback. I you would like to talk with us, feel free to reach out!

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by Mathieu Sneep

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