URBANARA is first share issuer of Bergfürst

With some delay due to the BaFin-consideration Bergfürst announces its first share issuer: A shop.
Since Bergfürst is the first crowdinvestment-portal in Germany that managed to break up the 100.000 Euro barrier one could have expected a big bang of a startup. Maybe a new gidsy or Amen? Hell no. URBANARA is a fine, growing, beautiful and transparent online brand for home furnishings and home accessories.

URBANARA´s secrets are:
  • Direct trade relations to the manufacturers
  • Quality and affordable prices
  • Exclusively the sale of own brand products
URBANARA is a Berlin-based startup that was founded in 2010 by Benjamin Esser (CEO), Claire Davidson and Martin von Wenckstern. It grew from 5 to 42 employees with 25.000 customers and 3.000 products today. The revenue for 2012 has been 1,8 Mio. Euro and is an estimated 4,7 Mio. Euro for 2013. URBANARA has a UK-Site and a DE-Site, while the DE does 80% of the revenues.
Bergfürst starts the emission on September 12, 2013 while the registration is already running. Don´t be late if you like to take part at URBANARA´s sucess. The minimal amount for this Bergfürst -investment is 250 Euro.

Listen to CEO Benjamin Esser himself explaining URBANARA:

by Jens Haberland

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