All 10 Winners of the BPW 2013 – Businessplan Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg

See all 10 video-pitches of the winning teams BPW 2013 starting with the team Panospective, 1st place in the category „Technology„.

Panospective develops, manufactures and sells throwable panoramic ball cameras. This new type of camera takes in a fraction of a second a complete 360° panorama of the surrounding.

See Panospective´s essay.businessplan_wettbewerb 2013

 2nd place in the category „Technology

Detectonomics developed methods for early detection of Cancer diseases. For that only one drop of blood is necessary.

At the molecular level of the composition the test is searching for changes that are characteristic of cancer. Detectonomics has identified such „fingerprints“ for lung cancer .

See Detectonomics´s essay.


 3rd place in the category „Technology

shoutr is a wireless software solution that enables mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to exchange data with other devices in close proximity fast, easy and safe. No WiFi needed. For business customers, the core target group consists of organizers of large events such as concerts or fairs.

See shoutr´s essay.




 1st place in the category „Service

Nice Dice stands for the development and implementation of innovative solutions for the film and photographic technology industry.Existing is rethought and new solutions are being developed. Design and innovative applications of the products are at the focus.

See Nice Dice´s essay.


 2nd place in the category „Service

Diamond Batteries won the 2. place of the Businessplanwettbewerb (BPW) Berlin-Brandenburg in the category „service“.The company produces and sells Diamond Batteries lithium iron phosphate batteries as a premium product in the area of Vehicle accessories.

See Diamond Batterie´s essay.


 3rd place in the category „Service

The online shop offers fashionable and trendy patterns of independent pattern designer from around the world.

See  santa-lucia-patterns essay.





 1st place in the category „Web

Gene Talk is a web-based software and a network of experts for the evaluation and interpretation of genetic data in the diagnosis of hereditary diseases.

See  Gene Talk´s essay.




  2nd place in the category „Web

labfolder is a software for scientists that can digitally document research processes. Research data are hardly searchable and poorly communicated. labfolder solves these problems.

See  labfolder´s essay.


 3rd place in the category „Web

emolyzr offers website operators a neuroscience access to the unconscious emotions of their visitors.

See  emolyzr´s essay.






 Winner in the category „Sustainability

Original Unverpackt (Original Unwrapped) is the first supermarket in Germany, that
largely dispensed disposable packaging.

See Original Unverpackt´s essay.

See all the winners of the 2nd Step of the BPW (Businessplanwettbewerb 2013).

by Jens Haberland


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